img Forced Labor

All workers are paid & working voluntarily; they’re happy and want to be here there is no binding work against-will we are strictly against indentured and bonded labor.

img Health & Safety

The factory assures a safe & healthy work environment to avoid all types of accidents & injuries. We make a responsible contribution to the healthcare needs of our employees.

img Legal Requirements

We believe in complete adherence to the law by all our employees. We comply with all legal standards in the labor code we respect the legal & moral rights of all our workers.

img Harassment & Abuse

We treat all our workers with reverence and respect. No employee shall ever be discriminated against:

— Physically — Sexually — Psychologically — Racially — Verbally

img Child Labor

We strictly follow international child labor policy & laws no worker is allowed at Raglan under 18 yrs of age (the legal limit) we actively check the birthdate of new employees & applicants

img Work Hours

We have a policy and do not exceed prevailing local work hours all employees work:

• — No more than 48 hrs / week
• — With at least 1 scheduled day off / week
• — With overtime payments

img Freedom of Association

We respect our employees’ rights to:
• — Join any organization of their own choice
• — Associate with whomever they choose
• — Engage in collective bargaining

there is no intimidation or harassment in the exercise of employees associating with other people or organizations

img Wages

Following labor laws, we pay employees:
• — At least minimum wage, or,
• — Prevailing industry wage (whichever is higher)
• — Plus legally mandated benefits.

we also compensate for overtime hours, at the legal rate (Double gross wage).

img Non–Discrimination

Our factory believes in non-discrimination we only look at merit while recruiting and setting wages. When deciding the status/remuneration of employees , we see no differences in: gender, race, nationality, age, disability, orientation, religion, social/ethnic origin

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