All Our Garments are of an international quality standard. we
continuously improve on performance to cater to the need for our
valued international customers.

We have new updated, and advanced sewing machines. these provide
superior output and improved quality.

Training programs are integral to our workforce system. utilizing these,
employees achieve maximum productivity. we offer further training
opportunities in:
• productivity
• qlty control
• management
• work safety
• health/first aid
• HR

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We have updated and advanced sewing machines.
All our garments are of an international quality standard. We continuously improve our performance to cater the need of our valued customers.

• HR
• Work safety
• Quality Control
• Health/first aid

It's people that matter the most, not
buildings or equipment

We provide a safe & healthy workplace for all our staff. we ensure the
proper use of:

•- Gloves
•- Eye guards
•- Fire Hydrants
•- Marked Exits
•- Helmets
•- Tea Breaks
•- Fire Alarms

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We provide a healthy and safe workplace for our employee.
• Fire Alarms
• Marked Exits
• Eyes Guards
• Gloves
• Helmets